AMS Catechist Certification

AMS Catechist Certification

AMS Catechist Certification is available in a classroom setting on 28-29 September at Hickam Chapel Center and it’s incredible!  Jose Amaya will be here from the AMS to conduct the training.  We prefer for all our catechists to be AMS certified, and even if you aren’t currently teaching, we are willing to invest in you and have you attend for future commitments you have not made yet!  The certification is good for three years. On the 28th, the hours are between 1800-2200 and on the 29th between 0800-1700.  The full twelve hours are required for certification.  We will pay for your registration fee as long as we have not previously paid for one.  If we have, and you would like to attend this, you can pay for it individually as well. If you are interested, we need to know by 2 September.  Please email Ute Eble, the MPC REC at, she will be compiling one consolidated list.

Thank you to the Hickam Prince of Peace Catholic Community for inviting us!


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