Posts by Fr Andy

Posts by Fr Andy

Holy Week is a time to reflect on the Church around the world

As we enter into Holy Week we are invited to think about our connection with the Church around the world, particularly with our sisters and brothers who are serving in isolated and deployed locations. Some of the most significant Holy Week celebrations have been those where I was deployed. There is something about the shared suffering and isolation from friends and family that ties us in a deeper way to the celebration of the Paschal Triduum and the celebration of…

What can I say to my kids when they ask why we keep faith in this church?

Kerry Weber An Executive Editor at America Magazines writes a good article on what to say to your children in the aftermath of the Pennsylvania report. She articulates well what most Catholics feel….it’s not the leaders that keep most coming back to Church it’s faith in God and the community that surrounds us. You can read the her article here.

2018-19 Religious Education

Religious Education for the next school year will begin on 19 August 2018 and run through 19 May 2019. Classes will be held weekly from 0945-1045 with various holidays and long weekends off. Please register your children now using our on line registration at . If you are an adult wanting to register for RCIA please use the same website.   Our program will be only as strong as a our volunteer support of it. Due to the length of…