EHMC Certification/Re certification

EHMC Certification/Re certification

For those that would like to get trained to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion we have great news!  This Sunday, 30 June there will be EMHC Training/Re certification at 0715 at AMR and at 1215 at MPC.  The Archdiocese of Military Services requires this training and to be in compliance we need your support.  We are offering this training in hopes that the majority of the current EMHC’s can attend and continue in this ministry. We will schedule another training in August for those that can’t make it this Sunday.  Please know that only those that attend, register with the AMS portal, and fill out the EMHC application that is on the website will be able to serve in this ministry per the AMS guidelines.  The requirements to be an EMHC are on the application.  Please review them and email me with any questions.  We appreciate your support of our Holy Mass.

EMHC Application-HI


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