Guidance for the Christian Initiation of Catechumens and the Reception of Non-Catholic Christians

Guidance for the Christian Initiation of Catechumens and the Reception of Non-Catholic Christians

Guidance for the Christian Initiation of Catechumens and the Reception of Non-Catholic Christians During the 2020 Easter Season

[In time of COVID-19]

THE CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF CATECHUMENS  {Unbaptized person to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist}

 Normatively, adults are baptized at the Easter Vigil (RCIA 23). This follows their election by the bishop on the first Sunday of Lent and the celebration of the three scrutinies and presentations of the Creed and Lord’s Prayer (see RCIA 19–21). Based on the current Health Protection restrictions, we foresee that the initiation of unbaptized persons may need to happen at other times.

  1. When restrictions on communal gatherings are lifted, we will celebrate the Christian Initiation of Catechumens on a Sunday at least two weeks after the resumption of Sunday Masses. The solemnity of Pentecost (31MAY20) has long been an appropriate alternate day for the initiation of Christians. The Trinity Sunday (7JUN20), the solemnity of Corpus Christi (14JUN20), or one of the following Sundays in Ordinary Time are appropriate times as well.
  2. The scrutinies were due to be celebrated the Third Sunday of Lent (March 15), the Fourth Sunday of Lent (March 22), and the Fifth Sunday of Lent (March 29), but the closure of installation chapels have prevented the celebration of all of them. Archbishop Broglio has dispensed the elect preparing for initiation from two of the three scrutinies.
  3. Scrutiny will be celebrated during the first week of the resumption of public gatherings, i.e., about ten days prior to the celebration of the sacraments of initiation, at a weekday (or weeknight) gathering of those who have journeyed with the catechumens on their pilgrimage to baptism. Because the elect has not received Christian initiation yet, the scrutiny is appropriately celebrated as part of a Liturgy of the Word (see RCIA 155).
  4. The Church defines an adult as anyone over the age of seven with the use of reason (c. 852 §1). Note: Those under the age of reason can be baptized at any time after the resumption of public gatherings. All of the requirements for infant baptism must be fulfilled.
  5. Submit the following documents: 1. Birth Certificate; 2. Rite of Acceptance; 3. Baptism Intake Form; 4. Confirmation Intake Form. Note you may find these intake forms repetitive. However, these are designed to capture the required information for each sacrament when submitting your sacramental records.

Intake for Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens:  Rite of Acceptancev2

Baptism Intake Form: Baptism Intake Form

Confirmation Intake Form: Confirmation Intake Form v2


  1. The Rite of Reception will take place at the Sunday Mass along with the Initiation of Catechumens.
  2. Non-Catholic Christian should make a confession of sins beforehand. Ensure to receive the Sacrament of Penance before the rite so that you are properly disposed to receive the Sacraments. Note any lawfully approved confessor (AMS priests or priests from the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu) may hear your confession. Inform the priest that you are preparing to be received into full communion” (RCIA 482, NSC 36). Inform me by email once this requirement is complete.
  3. Submit the following documents: 1. Birth Certificate; 2. Baptismal Certificate; 3. Confirmation Intake Form.

Confirmation Intake Form: Confirmation Intake Form v2

REGULARIZATION OF MARRIAGE {those who have completed their marriage preparation and spiritually prepared to celebrate a Catholic wedding}

  1. You will be scheduled as soon as the restrictions on communal gatherings are lifted. That is prior to the Christian Initiation or Full Communion.
  2. Confession is to take place about an hour before the ceremony.
  3. (2) witnesses (Best Man & Maid of Honor) are required to attend the wedding. Ensure you have them available on short notice. If you need to modify your paperwork to reflect the correct names of witnesses, you may do so by resubmitting the Pre-nuptial Questionnaires.
  4. Those who have not yet completed their marriage preparation (to include those with incomplete documentation) will be recycled for next year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you PCS before you can receive the sacraments, a memorandum of completion will be issued that you can present to the AMS priest or civilian priest at your next assignment.

For questions/clarification, email:

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