The Saints Damien and Marianne Military Catholic Community offers a number of ways to build your faith and support our Holy Mass through ministry support.  Please only sign up for Lector, Altar Server or EHMC only if you have been trained.  Future training can be found on our events calendar, in our bulletin or you can always contact the individual ministry lead at each chapel.  Email to find out who to contact if you are not sure.

To sign up at MPC for ministry support use the following link.

MPC June Ministry Sign Up

To sign up at AMR for ministry support us the following link.

AMR June Ministry Sign Up

AMR July Ministry Sign Up

AMR August Ministry Sign Up

AMR September Ministry Sign Up


Religious Education & Sacramental Preparation

Saints Damien and Marianne uses a Family based approach to religious education and sacramental preparation. To register for Religious Education, RCIA, Sacramental Preparation or as a volunteer teacher,  assistant teacher or teacher aide please use the link below and register ASAP so we can have the resources to provide an excellent year for you.


Did you know to celebrate every Sunday Mass we need: one or more sacristans to set up the altar for Mass One person to support our sound systems two to six greeters to welcome people three altar servers choir members to lead us in praise and worship two people that are willing to proclaim the Word of God two to four ushers to collect our tithes which support our community programs one family or group of friends to present our…

Family Ministry

Grow and connect in your faith. Consider joining one of our ministries.