Altar Servers

Altar Servers

“In the absence of an instituted acolyte, lay ministers may be deputed to serve at the altar and assist the priest and the deacon; they may carry the cross, the candles, the thurible, the bread, the wine, and the water, and they may also be deputed to distribute Holy Communion as extraordinary ministers.” (General Instruction of the Roman Missal 100)

“Although institution into the ministry of acolyte is reserved to lay men, the diocesan bishop may permit the liturgical functions of the instituted acolyte to be carried out by altar servers, men and women, boys and girls.” (USCCB Guidelines for Altar Servers 1)

Altar servers are chosen from those young men and women who display a desire for a more intimate union with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  It is a great privilege to serve at the altar, where the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross is made present. Therefore, servers have a solemn responsibility to perform their assigned duties with dignity and reverence.

Boys and girls who have received their 1st Communion, are eligible to become altar servers. Training is offered as required.

Altar Server Ministry Duties

Before Mass:

  • Arrive at the chapel at 20 minutes prior to the start of Mass.
  • Check off your name on the schedule.
  • Please wear dull color clothes and proper shoes.
  • Oversee set up: check to see the cross bearer holder and candle holders are in place. Are you using incense? If so, check to see if the censor holder is in place. Check to see if the candles have oil and that you have a lighter.
  • Insure that once you put on your robe that you are wearing the correct color rope.
  • Make contact with the Altar Server Ministry Head.

During Mass:

See the LEAD altar server/Altar Server Ministry Head if you have questions

After Mass:

  • Take down: cross bearer holder, candle holders, candles and lighter must be put away in the sacristy.