“In the absence of an instituted lector, other lay people may be deputed to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, people who are truly suited to carrying out this function and carefully prepared, so that by their hearing the readings from the sacred texts the faithful may conceive in their hearts a sweet and living affection for Sacred Scripture.” (General Instruction of the Roman Missal 101)

Lectors are men and women who are fully initiated Catholics and who have discerned a particular call by God to proclaim the Word within the context of Mass.

Lectors should — in word and deed — exhibit a knowledge and love for sacred scripture; they should demonstrate the ability for clear and articulate speaking, with both confidence and authenticity; and they must be properly trained and commissioned by the local parish in concert with the Episcopal office to perform this sacred duty when called upon to do so.

Lector Ministry Duties

Before Mass:

  • Arrive at the chapel 15 minutes prior to Mass.
  • Check off your name on the schedule.
  • Oversee set up: Insure Lectionary Book is turned to the correct page, Gospel is in the Back Lobby prepared to preside in with Lector 1.The Petitions Binder is in place and turned to the correct page.
  • Make contact with the Lector Ministry Head.

During Mass:

Lector 1:  Cue- The priest addresses the congregation then we either say or sing Lord have mercy. The congregation sits down and Lector 1 should start walking to the podium.

Lector 2:  Cue- Responsorial psalm then Lector 2 should start walking to the podium.

Petitions:   Cue- Nicene Creed, then start walking to the podium.

After Mass:

  • Take down: Lectionary Book, Gospel, and Petitions Binder must be put away in the sacristy.