Sound System Support

Sound System Support

Before Mass:

  • Arrive at the chapel 20 minutes prior to Mass,
  • Oversee set up: Everything is on.
  • Make certain that the Sound person knows what # Father’s mic is, what # the Lector’s mic is and what # the announcement mic is.
  • Make contact with the Sound person
  • Notify the chapel coordinator that your ministry is prepared for mass to start. If by 8:25 you are missing the Sound person, either fill in for that person or find someone else to fill in.


During Mass:

Take note of how the Sound is operating. Is there feedback? Is it loud enough? Is it too loud? Is there anything that needs to be tweaked?

After Mass:

  • Oversee take down: Ensure that Father’s mic has been placed on the Sound Board table.

Duties outside of Mass:

  • Scheduling: Fill in gaps in the schedule, contact your Ministry Team every Friday to confirm, contact chapel coordinator to confirm