Usher/Mathean Ministry  Duties

Before Mass:

  • Arrive at the chapel 20 minutes prior to Mass starting
  • Oversee set up: 3 small baskets and 1 large basket
  • Make contact with the 3 Ushers and 2 Matheans.
  • Notify the chapel coordinator that your ministry is prepared for mass to start. If you are missing an Usher or Mathean, either fill in for that person or find someone else to fill in.

During Mass:

During the Profession of Faith Prayer, walk to the Back Lobby and make sure that all of your Ushers are in place and that they know where to go. If someone forgets, be prepared to fill in for them. Remain in the Back Lobby until all the money has been collected and poured into the large basket. The small baskets should be placed on either of the back tables in the Lobby until the end of mass.

After Mass:

  • Oversee take down: 5 baskets in the sacristy.
  • Matheans get the large basket and go to the money counting room. If someone forgets, be prepared to fill in.  The mathean needs to be at least 18 years old and can not be related to the other volunteer that is counting the offering.