The Archbishop for the Military Services has established that the period of preparation prior to the celebration of marriage in the Archdiocese is 6 months. As the outline of the process below indicates, much work must be done at this time.

The celebration of marriage is entrusted to the pastor of either Catholic party (c. 530, n. 4). Indeed, the permission of a Catholic party’s proper pastor is required if the marriage will not take place in his parish (c. 1115). For subjects of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, the proper pastor is the AMS priest assigned to their military installation.

If you or your intended spouse is a subject of the AMS, then you can begin to prepare for your marriage by contacting the AMS priest assigned to the military installation where you serve.

If you and your intended spouse are not subjects of the AMS but would like to celebrate your marriage in a chapel on a military installation, then you must contact the pastor of your civilian parish to begin marriage preparation according to the process established in that civilian diocese.

Pre-Marital Catechesis and Introductory Natural Family Planning (NFP). The Archbishop requires that all couples celebrating marriage in the AMS participate in one introductory session on Natural Family Planning (NFP). Complete the NFP in-person or online.

Pre-Marital Investigation. Before a party can enter marriage in the Catholic Church, it must be determined that he or she is free to marry.

After Complete the INTAKE FORM and take it to your initial meeting with the priest.

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Intake Form: Marriage Intake Form Appendix A

Paperwork Requirements and Marriage Preparation Info: Marriage Prep Information Appendix B