COVID-19: USAG Hawaii Catholic Community Guidance

COVID-19: USAG Hawaii Catholic Community Guidance

15 March 2020

Dear USAG-HI Catholic Community:

Due to the heightened Health Protection posture, the USAG Hawaii Catholic Community will continue to halt the following activities at Main Post Chapel (MPC)-Schofield Barracks and Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR) Chapel until further notice:

  1. Weekday and Sunday Masses
  2. Religious Education Classes and activities
  3. Faith Formation Programs, i.e. Single Soldiers Luncheon, Theology for Busy Catholics, etc
  4. All Fellowships/Gatherings, Pastoral Advisory Council Meetings, and Outreach Programs
  5. Stations of the Cross on Fridays
  6. All Auxiliary Programs, i.e. CWOC, KofC, Youth, etc

GENERAL SACRAMENTAL PRINCIPLES:  Sacramental Ministry During Times of Serious Health Emergencies (AMS, 9MAR20)

In the sacraments, the Christian faithful encounter Jesus Christ, who suffered, died and was raised by the Father for the salvation of the world. These sacramental encounters with the Lord Jesus happen when the Church invokes the Holy Spirit through the prayer of the Church’s minister gathered together with the faithful. For this reason, then, the celebration of every sacrament requires the physical presence of the minister and person(s) celebrating the sacrament in the same space. No sacrament can be celebrated validly by telephone, video chat, or other means of social media.

As of 23MAR20, there will be (1) priest to cover USAG Hawaii footprints: CONTACT INFO-Cell: 808-796-6199 / Email: Please note the following:

1. BAPTISM [when in danger of death]

NOTE: Baptism is administered to an unbaptized person by the washing with water in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (see cc. 842 §2 and 849). While the ordinary ministers of baptism are bishops, presbyters, and deacons, “in a case of necessity any person with the right intention” validly confers baptism. For this reason, the Church urges pastors to ensure that “the Christian faithful are taught the correct way to baptize” (c. 861 §2).

2. CONFIRMATION is administered validly by any presbyter when the one to be confirmed is in danger of death (c. 883, 3°). If the situation exists to baptize a person in danger of death, then that same situation requires the presbyter to confer confirmation (see c. 885 §2).

3. The EUCHARIST is “the source and summit of the Christian life” (LG 11). Instituted by the Lord Jesus at the Last Supper “to perpetuate the sacrifice of the cross throughout the ages until he should come again,” the celebration of the Eucharist unites us with the heavenly liturgy and anticipates eternal life (CCC 1323 and 1326).

While the Christian faithful are obliged to participate in Mass on Sundays and other holy days of obligation (c. 1247), persons who sick ought not to do so—for their own good and the well-being of their fellow Mass-goers. The Church encourages persons who cannot participate in the celebration of the Eucharist to “devote themselves to prayer for a suitable time alone, as a family, or, as the occasion permits, in groups of families” (c. 1248 §2). It may be possible to view the Mass on television or online. The readings used at Mass can be found at The AMS app also offers resources for spiritual growth:

HOLY COMMUNION is to be distributed to Christian faithful only during the celebration of Mass or as a viaticum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No EMHC will distribute Holy Communion outside of Mass (and in quarantine areas) without delegation of the senior priest-chaplain. Communion Service is not authorized.

4. Sacrament of RECONCILIATION / CONFESSION. By Request when deemed necessary

5. Sacrament of the ANOINTING OF THE SICK. By Request when deemed necessary

6. Sacrament of MATRIMONY. NOTE: Persons in danger of death may want to regularize their marriage in the Church. Because of the intricacies of marriage law, pastoral ministers ought to refrain from giving possible false hope to the faithful that their marriage can be regularized until a canonist has been consulted.


  • Live Mass Streaming Options. Though it does not fulfill the obligation, this may be the closest we can get to Mass.
  • Check the “ANNOUNCEMENTS” and “CALENDAR EVENT” tab for more information.

Fr. Yuen Caballejo

As of 23MAR20


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